R.E. House

  • Location : Çeşme, İzmir
  • Year : 2011
  • Status : Completed
  • Total Area : .

This residential structure located in the popular holiday town of Çeşme, a 40 minute drive to the İzmir city center, constitutes a target point that will break the monotony and bring rhythm to its surroundings.

The residence is located on a sloped hill. The site plan was developed with regard to the dominant topographical profile and landscape. All vertical and horizontal circulations were placed on the existing construction to the left side of the structure, allowing the structure to be open to the sea landscape in the remaining three directions. Mass horizontal fracturing movements were designed to loosen the familiar “single large house” pattern. This movement can easily be traced in the rounded parapets. The terrace parapets, placed in varying angles and in lines of varying depth with smooth fractures, contribute a certain feeling of lightness to the structure. The sloped site plan allowed for the placement of living areas and the kitchen in the ground floor with an elevation of +3.00, and the bedrooms in the lower floor. In contrast to structures following a continuous line, the recessions and steps allow for the terrace and garden areas to expand into the structure. To enlarge the ground floor terrace, the structure was aligned slightly backwards on the plan. To provide unity with the natural texture of its surroundings, natural stone and wood was used in the surfaces where possible. The user remains in contact with nature with the wide ground floor terrace, and the large green area and pool in the lower garden floor.