Bursa House

  • Year : 2013
  • Status : Completed

The project area Mudanya is one of the most popular destination in the region of Marmara. The project consists of 1000 square-meter with 2 flat houses. 3 dimensional topography of the site is one of the main planning criteria in this project. The houses are located with the private swimming pools. Cross-ventilation is used in courtyards to provide a cool space in the summer around the swimming pool and in the garden also. Continuity in the site planning is achieved by exterior landscape as a connection between those 12 same sized blocks. The structural repetition and modular approach are the key words of the conceptual project. Modular structural system allows to make the project economically feasible. Wood, stone and concrete are used for the exterior surfaces that are very suitable and durable in this climate. Interior and terrace spaces can easily be separated or brought together with sliding systems.